Kids Fashion Review NZ 22/7/09

Babysoy is the 1st company in the world to create baby's newborn wardrobe using soybean protein fiber. Babysoy features modern baby layettes made from eco-friendly soybean fiber. Babysoy is conscientious and green by using renewable natural resources as the raw material for our baby wear which is the leftover pulp from tofu, soymilk and other soy products.

It all began in 2004 when first time mom, Amy, wanted to give her daughter a very special gift a new wardrobe that's made from nature while not adding extra burden to our planet. After losing a loved one to a cancer contributed by environmental hazards, Amy knew that raising her soon-to-be-born baby safely in our environment would require more than just wearing sunblock. Apart from making changes within her home and lifestyle, Amy had a bigger dream of gifting her daughter an opportunity to run freely on green grass, nap under blue skies, and one day meet a real polar bear. Amy's dream soon came to realization when life-long friend, David, came to visit the newborn and presented Amy with his discovery of an eco-friendly soy protein fiber. Amy immediately envisioned a layette line made with this environmentally friendly and silky-smooth fabric.

Together, Amy and David launched babysoy on March 1, 2006. Since then, babysoy has grown rapidly with the excitement and support of green-parents, modern boutiques, eco-celebrities and baby & mommy medias. Babysoy offers a complete line of baby layettes to help eco-conscious parents start a healthy lifestyle with their babies while feeling good about a greener planet.

Babysoy is so affordable we were really surprise by the great prices on this range go and take a peak now.

Babysoy is available exclusively through www.muddkids.com.au

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Baby Bites NZ - 09/07/09

We are lucky enough to feature on Baby Bites today! Big thankyou to Jodi, Mwah! x

Making a difference today
9 July 2009

Any company that has the motto “Tomorrow’s world is important… and we have decided to start making a difference today” is worth standing up and taking notice of.

Tin Lid Designs is an Australian based company that design quality products for kids. They only select materials from sustainably managed plantation timber forests and use non toxic chemical dyes and glues along with 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

Included in their fabulous range are the Click-Clack Cars and Enviro Banks that will shortly be in stock at Mudd Kids, who continue to support eco-friendly and fair trade production.

In three easy steps, kids can build their Click-Clack Car and get it on the road – not only providing them with a great toy to play with, but also developing their fine motor skills. As a bonus, you don’t even need to worry about recycling the box the cars come in, as they double as a garage for the car. Once you’ve purchased your car, you can register it online to receive a Click-Clack Car driver license and vehicle registration certificate.

The gorgeous Enviro Bank is beautifully made, and will help teach your children about saving their money, and caring for the environment too.

Tin Lid Designs Click-Clack Cars ($12.95 AUD) and Enviro Bank ($24.95 AUD) will be available for purchase from Mudd Kids shortly – register for their newsletter to be the first in the know as to when they are available.


Shopping For Baby Magazine 09/10

We are lucky enough to have our Organic Baby Blend Tees Products featured on page 13 this issue!

Baby Blend Tees offers a unique line of infant, toddler, and youth t-shirts. Each shirt combines laughter, love, and comfort. Baby Blend Tees are made of sweat-shop free, 100% organic cotton. They are soft and durable and unbelievably adorable! Each shirt comes packaged in its own coffee bag and makes an ideal gift.

Conventional cotton farming makes up less than 3% of the agricultural farmlands in the world, but it accounts for 25% of the insecticide and pesticide use. Those are some startling facts. Since Baby Blend Tees solely makes children's clothing and we all want the best for our children, let's try to give them a happy and healthy Earth along with a happy and healthy childhood!

MUDD KIDS has all Baby Blend Tees and Bodysuits on sale by 15% until Friday 10th July ~ Hurry!